I’m a little bit country…

27 Nov


I think I may be having a bit of an identity crisis. I never thought of myself as having a real concrete decorating style. Yeah, I enjoy the modern-stylings of Ikea and the 60’s inspired accessories of your average vintage store. I like the traditional lines of a wing back chair and fall hard for anything with caning. And while I enjoy the occasional floral print and shabby-chic accent, I NEVER thought of my style as being country. That is until I stumbled upon Country Living magazine and subsequently visited their website…and found myself drooling over their designs. Who would have thought? Me: the young college student from New England, a country fan? What’s next, a trip to Nashville? Buying the latest Keith Urban album? While I don’t think I’ll go that far, I will begin to open my eyes and realize that country style is more than just roosters painted on the wall.


or maybe it isn’t… While, yes, this picture does include a rooster, it’s more of an antique meets pop-art rooster (which is way cooler, I swear). This old, country shelf adds a much needed bit of storage to a kitchen corner. The open shelving is great for storing and displaying your culinary wares. Vintage dishware, tins, glasses and linens are a perfect way to add interest to an otherwise neglected space.


Another beautiful way to display a collection is on a windowsill like these glass bottles. These can be found in a variety of places, most usually at flea markets and estate sales. Don’t feel like digging for these treasures? Try ebay or etsy!


And last but not least…This photo is what initially made my jaw drop. Now, I have to admit that walls of bookshelves are kind of my weakness, but this more rustic, barn feel is a whole new take on library chic. There’s just nothing like rows and rows of books and accessories all the way up to the ceiling. And with that handy dandy ladder, there’s no need to worry about reaching things off that top shelf. Maybe it was a childhood of Beauty and the Beast watching, but to me, library ladders just always add that extra touch of class.  So if a love of vintage kitchen ware, colored glass, and hefty built-ins make me a country girl, then so be it! If it’s good enough for Marie Osmond, it’s good enough for me…


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