Gifts to give your favorite Designphile

15 Dec

While I love the act of gift-giving, I hate the process behind it. Trying to figure out what someone will love and can be purchased in a timely manner, all in the right price range, is an arduous task. However, if you have a little design nerd of your own in your life, or just someone whose place needs a little t.l.c, I have some helpful gift ideas to help you out. I promise this is not just an elaborate way to hint about what I’d like to find under my Christmas tree this year, but if any Designphile fans happen to feel extra giving this year…

Why not give the gift of interesting walls this season?

These interesting and adorable wall decals are from They’re perfect for anyone and everyone,  especially apartment renters or dorm residents. They are non-permanent and easy versions of a cool mural. Decals are $20 and up and come in a huge variety of animals, plants, abstract designs and patterns. The owl scene above is $65. And best of all? Anytime the recipient sees these nifty designs on their wall, they’ll think of how perfect a gift you gave.


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