Hob Knobbin’

22 Feb


So it’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog, however, a recent occurrence made me realize that I do, indeed, still need an outlet for my nerdy obsession.  While studying at the library, I got a little distracted. This clearly is not a shocking statement for any college student, however I was not stalking on facebook, or checking out perezhilton, or even reading updates on apartmenttherapy.com (a frequent sucker of my time). Instead of doing assigned readings for political science, I spent nearly an hour and a half online shopping for knobs. Not even door knobs (as if that’s somehow less strange), I’m talking drawer pulls and cabinet handles. As usual, I began in fantasy land. Looking at the hardware section on anthropologie.com, I came across a ton of decorative, vintage-inspired knobs.


Most, however were quite pricey ($8-$12 a piece). And while that’s fine for a cabinet with two doors, I’m not dropping $60 to add pizazz to a dresser. They do have clearance knobs which are slightly more reasonable (“clearance knobs” is also the name of my fake Brooklyn-based indie band). So rather than giving up my search and returning to homework, I turned my attention to homedepot.com and discovered something wonderful: knobs by Martha Stewart.  Apparently she now has a line of home improvement goodies, including paint, at Home Depot (seriously, when does this woman sleep?). Simply elegant with a touch of vintage charm (just like Martha!), these delightful knobs are sure to add a little something extra to any project.



At around $3.50 per knob, the one featured above is perfect for an already ornate dresser, or one with a lot of color. These little hardware pieces can transform any thrift store, yard sale, or childhood bedroom find from run-of-the-mill to showstopper!  Even if you don’t have a bureau to modify, try adding knobs to something else. A large framed mirror perhaps? Adding a row of pretty knobs to the bottom makes for a perfect necklace holder. Larger knobs screwed into wooden pieces or into the studs on a wall are  great art pieces / coat and hat hangers. Try them on the side of kitchen cabinets for pot holders or aprons. The possibilities are endless, so go forth and hob knob, just maybe get your homework done first…


One Response to “Hob Knobbin’”

  1. kjarvs February 23, 2011 at 3:01 am #

    Clearly you’ve inherited and slightly strayed from our father’s love of door knobs

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